Tuesday, March 10, 2009

God's Love

Eventually, I'm sure I'll need to address exactly what my position is, being a gay mormon. While this is certainly important, there's a topic I feel should be addressed first. I've run across a few people, and assume there are a lot more, who believe in God and wonder if God does not love them because they are gay.

God does love you! He loves all of His children: whether black, white, rich, poor, gay, straight, or whatever else. I think of the story in the Bible, of the women caught in the act of committing adultery. Christ did not condemn her, he didn't look down on her. He talked to her with love, and it was his only desire to help her. He was concerned for her happiness.

This is how God feels towards us. He, better than anyone else, understands you. He knows of your struggles. He knows of our passions, your strengths, your weaknesses. He's aware of your hopes and dreams, and it is His desire that you are happy.

It is my promise to anyone who questions whether or not there is a God who loves them: get on your knees; poor out your heart; tell Him how you feel; tell Him your concerns, your worries. If you do this in sincerity, there will come into your heart a feeling of peace, of comfort. You will be able to feel His love.

Here are the lyrics to a song that means a lot to me:

I wander through the still of night, when solitude is everywhere-
Alone, beneath the stary light, and yet I know that God is there.
I kneel upon the grass and pray; an answer comes without a voice.
It takes my burden all away, and makes my aching heart rejoice.

When I am filled with strong desire, and ask a boon of him, I see
no miracle of living fire, But what I ask flows into me.
And when the tempest rages high I feel no arm around me thrust,
but every storm goes all away and makes my aching heart rejoice.

It matters not what may befall, what threatening hand hangs over me;
He is my rampart through it all, my refuge from mine enemy.
Come unto him all ye depressed, ye erring souls whose eyes are dim,
ye weary ones who long for rest. Come unto him! come unto Him!


  1. On the topic of love, what I've seen from the LDS gay community is either they feel betrayed by the Church because their "Love" for another man or woman isn't recognized by the Church, or that they never received a testimony and are LDS for show.

    In both conditions I see the Abrahamic requirements being forsaken. In the case of those who have never received a testimony, I have asked several if they had ever contemplated giving up everything to the Lord. Always, the answer is "No." In the case of the former (the Church not recognizing their love for a partner), this logic is completely off the mark. Their desire for a member of the same sex is not the issue here. The issue is following God's commandments and giving up EVERYTHING to follow him. You cannot become like Him if you are not ready and willing to change everything about yourself to do so.
    The doctrine will never ever change in this regard. Homosexual activity will always be something that prevents someone from entering the temple simply because you cannot keep the covenants of the temple while doing so.

    I hope this wasn't a really negative comment. But what I see the issue being is that either you are going to give up everything for the Kingdom no matter your personal trials or you wont. There isn't a middle ground.

  2. This is something that I question from time to time and I know that other Mohos that I know do as well. And of course people outside in the "real" world as well. We need to remember that God loves each and every one of us no matter what and we will always be his children. This post is the truth.